A-lign Concealed Fix

The premium A-lign cladding system is also available with the option of a Concealed Fix. The Concealed Fix® (Discontinued until further notice) system locks weatherboards tightly in place, without the use of nails, delivering an optimum weatherboard face finish.

A-lign Concealed Fix

A-lign Concealed Fix® (Discontinued until further notice) is an innovative option to the premium A-lign cladding solution.

The key advantage of the A-lign Concealed Fix® (Discontinued until further notice) system is that it locks weatherboards tightly in place without the use of nails, so the surface of the weatherboard is unbroken. Of particular value in coastal environments, this means high moisture protection, no filling and puttying of nail holes, lower painting costs, and a superior face finish.

The A-lign Concealed Fix® (Discontinued until further notice) option delivers all the benefits of the A-lign system. Made from sustainable finger-jointed NZ radiata pine, the bevelback weatherboards, internal and external scribers, pre-fabricated box corners, facings, weatherheads and sills, allow builders to install the cladding to the highest traditional standards.

The pre-cut components are pre-primed and undercoated, with the first coat of paint factory applied. Combined with the unique patented fixing system this makes installation 25% faster than standard weatherboard cladding.

Treated to withstand termites, borers and rot, and with a stringent BRANZ appraisal*, the A-lign product range comes with a 15-year warranty – so there is no need to take any chances on your next build.

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The benefits of A-lign Concealed Fixed® (Discontinued until further notice) are:

  • Even Easier and Faster to Install
  • Outstanding Face Finish
  • Superior Durability, Strength, and Stability
  • Termite, Rot and Borer Resistant
  • Pre-primed and Undercoated
  • First Final Coat Direct from the Factory
  • Sustainable - From Renewable Wood
  • NZ Grown and Made
  • High Moisture Protection
  • Extra High Wind Zone Rated
  • 15-Year Warranty

All details of the A-lign Concealed Fix® (Discontinued until further notice) solution are available in the CAD formats most commonly used in architectural practices.

*A-lign is the first timber weatherboard system on the New Zealand market with BRANZ Appraisal. The system is code-compliant with E2AS1.

What is A-lign Concealed Fix®?

A-lign Concealed Fix® is our latest design-led solid timber weatherboard cladding system. It takes the features of our proven original A-lign system, and adds the advantage of a concealed nail-less fixing that is fast and easy to install. Simply place and nail the structural cavity batten (machined with precision-cut lock-grips) to the wall, and connect the batten's lock-grip to the precisely machined cut groove on the weatherboard. Then apply the robust rubber lockstrip to lock firmly into place.

What is the major advantage of nail-less fixing?

The innovative A-lign Concealed Fix® system offers many benefits associated with having no nail penetrations on the board face. These include savings in labour and material costs, increased speed of construction, high moisture protection during the construction process, no filling and puttying of nail holes, lower painting costs, and superior face finish.

What does A-lign Concealed Fix® offer builders and homeowners?

A-lign Concealed Fix® gives builders and homeowners peace of mind. The system is a BRANZ Appraised warranted cladding solution that ticks all the boxes for durable weather-tight cladding. All of the components are produced to strict quality standards.

Why choose A-lign Concealed Fix® over the A-lign standard system?

The A-lign system is a cladding solution that has developed an excellent reputation amongst New Zealand builders. A-lign Concealed Fix® adds the option of a non penetrative fixing for cladding on cavity type construction. All the advantages of the A-lign system remain, including pre-cut components, long board lengths, quality priming and undercoating and labour savings.

The A-lign system is an outstanding cladding solution. A-lign Concealed Fix®, however, sets a new standard. Customers wanting simply the best in timber weatherboard solutions should look no further.

What kind of weatherboard profiles are available?

A-lign Concealed Fix® option is available in traditional bevelback profiles.

Are timber weatherboards a sustainable choice?

Our treated, kiln-dried radiata pine finger-jointed clear weatherboards are made from radiata pine grown on renewable plantations in New Zealand. Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification is available for A-lign Concealed Fix®. Where possible all wood waste (chips and sawdust) is reused or recycled.

What is included in the A-lign Concealed Fix® system?

The A-lign Concealed Fix® system includes pre-primed and undercoated bevelback weatherboards, the unique concealed fixing system, baseboard mould, internal and external scribers, pre-fabricated box corners, facings, weatherhead and sill. The weatherboards are available in two finished sizes, 142mm x 18mm and 187mm x 18mm. Standard board length is 6.1 m but 7.2 m lengths are also available.

Is A-lign Concealed Fix® easy to use?

Yes. A-lign Concealed Fix® was designed to be user-friendly and deliver significant savings on-site in labour and material inputs.

Are the board profiles of standard size?

Yes. The bevelback weatherboard profiles are cut from 6" (150mm) and 8" (200mm) widths. These sizes have been used throughout New Zealand for over 80 years.

Is A-lign Concealed Fix® suitable for re-clad homes?

The A-lign Concealed Fix® system is an excellent product to use for re-clad work. A-lign Concealed Fix® gives homeowners the peace of mind that comes from using traditional solid-timber weatherboard cladding, delivered in a contemporary BRANZ Appraised system.

Are the weatherboards pre-primed?

Yes. Pre-primed and also undercoated on all four sides.

Is there any finishing required?

Yes. We recommend that two topcoats of premium acrylic paint should be applied once the cladding is in place.

What primer and undercoat is used on A-lign Concealed Fix?

A-lign Concealed Fix® is delivered with oil-based primer and undercoat which delivers greater resistance to moisture uptake. For the finishing coats we recommend 100% premium acrylic house paint.

What colours can I use?

We recommend the use of premium acrylic finishing coats that have a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 45%, or greater. Dark colours should be avoided. Dark colours can cause distortion and resin bleed. Your paint supplier can advise on suitable colours.

Where can I buy the A-lign Concealed Fix® weatherboard system?

A-lign Concealed Fix® is available from approved timber merchants and regular building supply companies.

Can I buy the components separately?

No. The BRANZ Appraisal is subject to use of the complete A-lign Concealed Fix® system. All components are designed as an integral part of the A-lign Concealed Fix® solution and are not warranted or available independently of the A-lign Concealed Fix® system.

Is A-lign Concealed Fix® impact resistant?

Yes. Impact resistance is a key criteria for cladding materials being used in the construction of schools and similar light commercial buildings not exceeding 10 metres in height. To meet regulatory and specifier requirements, A-lign timber weatherboard (18mm thick) were subjected to hard body high impact resistance tests performed by BRANZ.

Does A-lign Concealed Fix® come with a warranty?

Yes. We provide a warranty of 15 years as long as the system is installed as specified in the A-lign Concealed Fix® technical manual. See the website for full terms and conditions.

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How do I set out A-lign Concealed Fix®?

Once the A-lign Concealed Fix® structural cavity battens are installed (for accuracy a laser level is recommended), then there is no other setting out required. The weatherboards can be fitted to the structural cavity battens and then secured. On our website we have the 'set-out guide' for pre-cut frame manufacturers to show these details with effective covers (i.e. 110mm and 155mm for bevelback). The trim sizes for joinery can now be calculated to ensure that the weatherboards do not need to be cut to width around the openings.

How is A-lign Concealed Fix® packaged for transport?

Our domestic dispatch people ensure product is wrapped, packaged and protected to a high standard. Our selected freight company has an excellent record for damage-free transportation. A-lign Concealed Fix® can be delivered direct to site in the Auckland area saving on double handling.

Can A-lign Concealed Fix® be used in conjunction with existing weatherboard cladding?

Yes, but only on separate wall sections. The precisely machined batten with lock-grips is only compatible to the A-lign Concealed Fix® weatherboard system.

Why do weatherboards now feature weather-grooves?

Weather-grooves are a 'peace of mind' safety feature that helps manage any moisture that penetrates the cladding face. Weather-grooves are a requirement of E2/AS1 as per NZS 3617 and BRANZ.

Can a nail gun be used or does A-lign Concealed Fix® have to be nailed by hand?

A-lign Concealed Fix® requires no nails to fix the weatherboards in place. A-lign Concealed Fix® is rated to wind zone 'Very High' at 600mm stud centres. In severe environments when installed over studs at maximum 400mm centres A-lign Concealed Fix® is able to withstand wind pressures up to and including 3.37 kPa ULS (Ultimate Limit State) and wind zones up to and including 'Extra High' in houses complying with NZS 3604:2011.

How long can A-lign Concealed Fix® cladding be on the wall before it must be painted?

Finishing coats should be applied as soon as possible after the installation of the exterior sheathing joinery and trim. All painting work should be carried out in accordance with the appropriate clauses of the AS/NZS2311 'Guide to the painting of buildings'. Timber should be painted when the surface is dry and when the board is near the equilibrium moisture content (EMC <16%). Priming or painting when the weatherboard is above the EMC can result in the weatherboards shrinking after installation or painting. If in doubt check with a moisture meter.

How easy is it for architects, specifiers and quantity surveyors to use A-lign Concealed Fix®?

System drawings are downloadable from our website, these can be used in 'Drag & Drop' by architects, specifiers and quantity surveyors which contributes to the economics of the design and consent process.

How is set-out managed?

The set-out guides in our Technical Manuals means that designers can place joinery in a position that aligns the head flashing with a full weatherboard profile. Head flashing details are also provided for most situations. Should there be a detail that you need to use that's not included in the Technical Manual then we can work with BRANZ to find an alternative solution.

Is it easy to get consent for A-lign Concealed Fix®?

Because A-lign Concealed Fix® is a BRANZ Appraised Alternative Solution and NZBC Compliant, this can help speed up the consent process through council.

Are longer lengths available?

We are able to manufacture A-lign Concealed Fix® weatherboard in 7.2m lengths as well as the standard 6.1m.

What treatment and primer is used on the product?

A-lign Concealed Fix® weatherboards are treated with the proven LOSP H3.1 treatment system and have a two-coat factory applied oil based paint primer and undercoat system. For cut ends, End Seal, an aerosol spray that combines a treatment and primer is available. This easy to apply system seals the ends of all cut surfaces. The aerosol End Seal has also been BRANZ Appraised. The premium A-lign primer and undercoat system has been specifically formulated for application over LOSP treated timber and is able to be over coated with any brand of 100% premium acrylic exterior house paint. The primer and undercoat system has a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 45% or greater which limits solar heat build up and it is easily over painted with premium top coats.

What sort of wastage should I expect?

As our A-lign Concealed Fix® boards are 142mm x 18mm and 187mm x 18mm, this provides an extra 5% cover over the standard 135mm and 180mm widths. The ability to supply 7.2 m lengths can further reduce wastage by up to 5%.

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